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LevelEdge Software: Custom Software Solutions

Founded in 1999, Virginia-based LevelEdge Software has worked with clients from California to Maryland, providing software solutions across a variety of sectors, from airport management to IT recruitment.

The custom-built software experience

LevelEdge Software founder, Scot Lunsford, has worked in software design for over 15 years. But it was his prior experience as technical manager of a data storage firm that helped him to understand the value of good design. In need of a project tracking database system, Scot was unable to find an off-the-shelf solution and so opted to build his own.

“The process of building this database system was extremely educational”, Scot recalls. “I learned that poorly executed software is no better than none at all. If the users don’t find the system easy to operate, they just won’t use it.”

Solutions, not just software

Simplicity, ease-of-use, user buy-in and feedback are principles that guide LevelEdge Software’s approach to helping their clients. Scot’s early experience of designing his own database has informed LevelEdge Software’s custom-design approach, ensuring their clients get solutions to their problems and not just another piece of overloaded software.

“Software is simply a means to an end”, says Scot. “LevelEdge Software takes its name from the craftsman’s tools: the level and straightedge. We don’t mass-produce our software, rather LevelEdge hand-crafts solutions to fit our client’s specific needs.”

LevelEdge Software has provided custom built software to companies nationwide across a variety
of sectors, from airport management to IT recruitment.
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